Revisiting the Use of Spanish in Digital Outreach

Does Spanish-language digital backlash among English speakers?

Convention holds that Spanish communication could backlash if it reaches those who speak English– whether they are bilingual or, especially, English-dominant.

Is there additional benefit from communicating in Spanish with more than just Spanish-dominant Latinos?

We didn’t stop at disproving the negative side-effects of communicating online in Spanish; we wanted to see if we could find additional positive effects. Language, after all, isn’t just about what is being communicated but about how. Is communicating in Spanish a cultural signifier? Does the use of Spanish in a digital ad impact the way a particular message is received by Latino audiences, whether or not Spanish is their primary language?

Can you get the best of both worlds by making content in both languages?

We asked ourselves if a bilingual approach to the creative would result in the same benefits of communicating in Spanish while also ensuring English-dominant audiences could understand our messaging in English.

What about using Spanish as a thumb-stopper?

We also wondered whether, in a digital environment, the use of Spanish can be a tool for attention-grabbing.

Implications & Recommendations

Using language more strategically can help boost the scale of Latino political engagement.



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