The Latinx Vote in 2020 (Part I): the Post-Primary State of Play

What did we learn from the primary? Where does it leave Joe Biden?

In the 2020 primary, Bernie Sanders seemed to crack the Latino code. He inspired wide and deep support among Latino voters, fueling his big win in Nevada and buttressing his entire campaign, in a way that few outside his most fervent supporters could have anticipated in the run-up to this cycle. (The first article about Sanders’ “barrio cred” caught even many Latino activists by surprise.)

Will there be holdouts?

Given Sanders’ success with Latino voters, and Biden’s early struggles, will some Latino Bernie supporters join the Democratic Socialists of America and some members of the twitterati in withholding their support for Joe Biden?

Where does Biden have room to grow?

There is room for Biden to re-introduce himself with large segments of the Latino electorate.

Where does Trump start the general election?

As Biden himself is fond of quoting, “Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative.”



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